Will you cut my rough?


We are able to take a limited number of custom faceting orders; contact us for our current status on the contact form.

Please initially indicate the type, size, and number of stones you are interested in having faceted. I will consider any rough sent to me for faceting as pending mutual approval: after evaluating the rough for what shape and size I feel it will yield (even if the sender has specified the shape/cut that they want), I will notify the sender by email and proceed with the cutting only if this is acceptable to the sender.

Rough Creations won’t recommend cutting your rough gemstone unless the cutting fees we charge are considered a wise investment in the rough material i.e. the final faceted stone should be worth at least the cutting costs involved. Otherwise, Rough Creations may recommend having your rough commercially cut overseas, or perhaps just keeping it as a mineral specimen – unless you just want it cut for sentimental reasons, which is also a valid reason.

Your stone(s) may have defects and inclusions that are difficult or impossible to see in the rough state which may affect the stone’s final size and appearance. Many gems may be unpredictable in cutting and polishing. I take all due care to maximise the optical performance of the stone and the yield, but cannot guarantee results that match any (not even my own) expectations.

The yield, obtained as a result of the cutting operation, can be determined from the weight of the cut stone compared to the weight of the untouched rough. It is expressed as a percentage, and some of the major controlling factors are discussed in more detail in another section.

Rates for cutting depend on the estimated size of the finished stone (larger stones may cost a little more to cut) the particular cuts undertaken, and other factors – these will be discussed in the initial stages, but as an approximate indication typical rates begin at AUD $150 for a 1-2ct stone.