Jeff Graham faceting designs

Rough Creations greatly admires and chooses to use faceting designs by Jeff Graham for the majority of its gemstone cuts.

The late Jeff R Graham is the author of Gram Faceting Designs – a series of books on gem designs that I am gradually collecting. He was a master facetor, and his many designs are characterised by fabulous light return through the use of interesting shapes and geometries tested with CAD gemstone  ray-tracing software.

I understand that he has at least one stone that is resident in the Smithsonian Institute,  a ring with a faceted green tourmaline cut as an Opposed Bar (the rather aptly named Smithsonian Bar).

He was also quite opinionated, certainly in the areas of stone cutting and the stone trade, as evidenced by his many writings on these subjects. This is a personality trait that I often quite admire, as long as one has the arguments necessary to support their particular stance – which Jeff demonstrates in the archived articles to be found online.

I must say that I am completely enamored with Jeff’s designs. I like that he designed cuts for different materials, meaning his designs are targeted at a particular refractive index (RI) or RI range. This means that he typically states that a design is for quartz, or garnet or tourmaline etc. , meaning that the facet angles are designed to reflect back the incident light best for the material(s) stated in the description.