eye cut for ring

Eye cuts

I have been experimenting with ‘eye-cuts’, there are a plethora of designs to experiment with out there. The stone below was cut from the same crystal as ‘The Eye of the Beholder’. It was loosely based upon the Cleopatra’s Eye design by Bob Keller.

It sold from the Zeehan Rock Shop after only a few days, so others seem to like them too.

Modified Cleopatra’s Eye cut in NE Tasmanian citrine

I have since cut another smaller Eye stone from Tasmanian smoky with a similar, though unique design that is aimed at setting into jewellery.

I cut a great eye-type design called Stargazing that I got from Andrew Brown’s book: A Collection Of My Best Gemstone Faceting Designs Volume 1.

A lot of Andrew’s designs from his first book use a Fusion pavilion. This proven design concept merges odd and even symmetry which gives additional optical interest to the finished stone.

Stargazing front view
Stargazing front view
Stargazing oblique view
Stargazing oblique view

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