NW Tasmanian (Table Cape region) sapphire and zircons

NW Tasmanian sapphire and zircons

Above are some largish well-formed examples of Tasmanian stones sent to me for cutting a while back. The 4.9 ct  sapphire pictured above is a nice example of the dogs-tooth shaped crystal habit.

I examined the sapphire above and tried to determine the best orientation, taking into account inclusions/cracks etc.

Dopped and ready

I decided that the orientation above would give the cleanest stone with the highest yield – so many factors involved in creating the best final product. A rectangular cushion cut, the Tsunami 311, as per this post was the selection.

Pavilion underway. If you look carefully you will see a small crack on the RHS near the girdle area
Crack a bit more clearly visible. It should cut out OK.
Another view, crack is original with some iron oxide present.
Fixed and continuing with pav. Yield down a little.
Prepolish going in, nice colour coming through now.

Final polish on pavilion (I know I’m really slow, lol)

final polish #60K diamond
Transfer for crown – great colour!
epoxy on top (with filler powder added to reduce runniness and increase strength)

On to the crown..

OK, just cut the two A facets on the crown
B crown facets
B crown facets
H facet in, about to do I facets
Table facet in
All facets done, time for pre-polish
Pre-polish going well, you can clearly see the unpolished frosted H and I facets adjacent to the table standing out
H and I facets left.
Pre-polish complete

Final polish ahead.

Most facets done, ready to put the final polish on the table
Table adapter on
Shiny, shiny, bad times behind me!
This is one sweet Tassie stone
This stone turned out real good..

Yield was a little lower than I would have hoped at the start, however this is a really clean stone as a result, great colour (and great cut too I must say!)








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