The cutting equipment

Facetron faceting machine

All stones at Rough Creations are cut on a Facetron machine (pictured above). This USA built machine is very user-friendly with good build quality and ease of use. It has a few irritating quirks, but once one is familiar with these, it is a pleasure to operate.

I use 8″ Gearloose polishing laps where possible – they have been very effective in practice for me, and I highly recommend them.

Pre – polishing the table facet with the Facetron and 45° adapter

It’s worth a mention regarding the gear I should have been using. What I mean by that is I should have been using a desk or bench for my faceting machine that was height adjustable or at a comfortable standing position. I am and have been incapacitated for over a week with a bad back, and I believe at least some of the blame is due to my bad posture when sitting at my machine working, sometimes for hours at a time. So fellow faceters – watch your backs!

Flat on my back with some pain relief at hand.

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